Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Making Soap Baskets and Filling Soap Orders

 It has really been a great month for me so far. I sold a lot of my soaps plus a few soap gift  baskets and finally my Blythe doll sold for more than I thought I would get, so I am excited. Christmas is back on for us. Yeah! Not many people knew, but because of the economy, we were so short on cash that we couldn't even afford to buy a Christmas tree this year, let alone gifts to go under it. But now, we can have a little something this year.

 My soaps are REALLY REALLY good. I know everyone says that about their soap but they truly are very nice bars. They are so large that I compare them to a slice of bread. I show a video of them next to and on top of a slice of bread on my YouTube channel.  (1dreampainter) I found that most people like the large size and then they cut off what they need. Someone suggested that I keep my larger sizes just for that purpose. I have and people seem to really like it and I know I have. I cut one into 3 pieces and only use a piece at a time.

 I am really getting into making soap, it seems my mind is always trying to come up with something different to make. I am looking for something to set me apart from the thousands of other soap makers out there. I am still working on labels. That seems to be my biggest hang up. I have come up with a soap recipe I love and packaging is really nice now too. I have great looking biz cards but the labels always seem to lack a little something. I need "GREAT" to catch peoples eyes. Like eye candy. lol I think I am close to getting it right. But for now the labels are handwritten and kind of sad looking. lol

 So far, the new packaging has passed several testers opinions and I am happy with them too. In fact, several people that bought some soap for Christmas said they looked so cute they didn't want to open them. So that is GREAT news. Tomorrow I will be printing out a couple of new labels, if I don't like them it will be back to the drawing board. Until next time. Merry Christmas!