Friday, July 24, 2009

Just things to ponder

So this is my first ever blog and I had a few problems setting it up. I am NOT so internet savvy, if you know what I mean. That is where my daughter comes to the rescue. She can sit at a computer and open something and within a matter of seconds knows how to work it. She figures things out that it would take me weeks to do. I envy her with all her technology know how. She has tried her hardest to be patient with me as I learn how to finagle my way through getting my art out there for others to see and hopefully buy. I have been dabbling in art for years and years and years. (you get my She made my website which is and she set up my esty account which is She showed me how to use both sites but I am still not real good at working my store yet. I think I have etsy down pretty good though. I just need to figure out how to get more people there to look at my art.

I have always had problems trying to figure out how to price my artwork. I sometimes think that things are worth a lot because of the cost of materials and my time that I put into them. Then again, I think people won't pay a higher price because they won't see the value in it. I met somewhere in the middle of what I think I should get and what I think people will pay. Hopefully right now, we will both be happy until the economy gets better and I get my art out there. Other artists have told me that you take the cost of your materials and your time and triple or quad it to get your asking price. I am not really sure if that method works. If I used that as a basis for my glass mosaics, I think they would cost to much for most people to purchase. (They take me a long time to do.)

I really think that most artists get the shaft in selling their art. After all they spend so much time creating the piece only to have others ponder why it cost so much. Society doesn't value art as it once did. Just because we don't clock in and out five to six days a week doesn't mean we are NOT working. It also does not mean our time is any less valuable then anyone elses. I get so tired of people ALWAYS asking me to make something for them but not wanting to pay up when I am finished. Anyone else have this problem? They see my work as good enough to do them a favor but not worth the money I want when the job is completed.

Words to ponder.......What do you think art is worth? Do you think artists should be paid like everyone else out there doing a good job? What are your thoughts on cookie cutter art? (you know, art that others copy and claim as their own.) for instance.... Suzi Blu makes cute little girl paintings, she teaches classes on how to make girls just like hers. Now the internet is being flooded with everyone trying to sell these petite dolls that all look the same. Suzi, I am sure was not the first to paint this way or will she be the last. But for crying out loud, can you put some of your own personality into the work? That's all I'm saying. I LOVE SUZI BLU! I am NOT downing her, I am downing the copy-cats out there using her style without changing it to fit themselves. Then they also use her name to promote their art for sale. What do you think about this? Am I the only one who thinks like this?

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