Thursday, January 21, 2010

Open for Trades!!!

Wow, two entries in one week. I think I'm on a roll! LOL Here we go.........I LOVE to try other peoples products. I am a soaper  so I love to see what other soapers have to offer. I would LOVE to trade but I have NEVER asked because I didn't want to offend. Well, I got two offers in the last two weeks. I am soooooo excited I can't help myself. I traded with someone in Hawaii last week and a woman offered to trade me tonight. I messaged her about some soaps and bath bombs in her shop and she wrote back asking if I would like to trade. OMG I was so excited. I sure would. Now I get to try her soaps and bath bombs and she gets something from my shop too. Now the ONLY things I do NOT trade are my stained glass mosaics because, let's face it, those darn things are very hard to make and take forever to complete. So I let her know just a few minutes ago I was all up for it and am waiting for her to agree with what I asked for and tell me what she wants too. I was NOT greedy. Oh my, she had a LOT that I wanted to try but I was polite and only asked for two soaps and one bath bomb. She mentioned a necklace I made so I might do that. We will see.

 First let me tell you, I like to try other peoples soaps and get their feedback on my soaps. It helps me improve on my products. The hard part of this is getting them to be HONEST. A lot of people try to either hide what they really think, so as to not hurt your feelings, or they are just to darn mean. I believe you can be honest without being hurtful. So I will let you know what transpired between us in a few days or when I can. Until next time........Have a Wonderful week!

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  1. hey you should submit to
    she does reviews and will tell you exactly what she thinks