Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sex Addicts Abound!

Wow, what a title huh?? It's been a long while since I have written on my blog. My apologies to my few followers. I have been busy as you all have been too. Christmas was great for my soaps. I sold a lot of soaps to friends, family, & friends of friends. This little entry will not be about my soaps as you can tell from the title. This entry is entirely different indeed.

 Now before you think I have gone off the deep end, from artist to sex addict. Let me tell you what is up. Here we go......

 A few weeks back there was much buzz about my little area of the world. A very famous celebrity was coming to town. No, not to do a photo shoot or sign autographs. Not even to do a charity event. But to enter into one of the country's finest Sex Addicts facilities. Yeah, who knew? Right?? I didn't know that was even close to my little neck of the woods. But much ado about nothing it seems..........was wrong. This celebrity is indeed in this facility not to far from where I live and is exactly across the street from where my husband works. Ahhhhh who do you think this may be???? He was in the tabloids not to long ago about cheating on his beautiful wife and crashing his car just outside of where he lived. Do you know yet???? You are right! He is indeed here. I do not know for how long but the paparazzi are everywhere. Like vultures. Begging all the business' around this facility to get onto their roofs for better pics of what's behind the brick walls. There was rumor that a certain tabloid was offering 250 thousand $$$ for a pic of him behind the wall. Can you imagine?

 Now, we are a family of meager means! A family, who if is lucky enough may make around 50 g's a year. Can you imagine what that much money would do for us?? If only......I had access. LOL I could probably get access to the highest roof around but I will not try. It is fun to imagine hitting the jackpot so to speak. But here is my opinion and it is just that, mine. There is also word of 4 or 5 other very famous celebrities at this facility whom I can not speak of. They are there secretly and hoping no one finds out. Here's where my opinion comes in.

Celebrities are just like you and me. They are normal (or as normal as can be) who were just lucky enough to break into a very lucrative career. They are well known and make a crap load of money. But with that comes the loss of privacy. Those things that we "not so famous" people can get away with. A sister who got arrested, an embarrassment to family, yes, but only a few know about it. No harm right? A brother who got into a huge fight or a mother suing her daughter for some stupid petty little thing. All pushed under the rug because no one cares. But these famous people are scrutinized over every little thing. With all their money, they can fix ALL the outside flaws but not many of the inside ones. Those inside ones are the hardest to deal with. We all have demons of some sort but they are not made public like these famous people.  So which would you choose? Famous, money and NO privacy or being unknown and make very little money but all your dirty laundry is keep neatly at home? I choose the latter.

These people are just like us........ The career they were lucky enough to get, just catapulted them into the spotlight. I do NOT clammer to get the autographs or pics. I really don't care what they do with their lives...........but.............. that $250,000.00 would be nice to spend. Don't you think???

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