Saturday, October 31, 2009

Making NEW Accounts so you can FIND me

Well, I am finally trying to get in on all the on-line hoopla going on. As a struggling artist it is really tough to wade through the ocean full of other artists showing their works as well. You strive to be great, different, original but that is really a tough thing to do in today's world. You see so many images on the net sometimes the line is blurred on what is REALLY your idea or someone else's. As a mixed media artist I have tried so many things to make myself and my work stand out and make people take notice. Nothing I have done to date has accomplished that yet. I say YET because I TRULY believe one day my stained glass mosaics WILL stand up and make people notice. I love making the mosaics more than any other art form. Yet I still struggle with taking short cuts and trying to make things cheaper, easier, and faster so I can pay my bills. If I just stay TRUE to my heart and continue to strive to make the best mosaics I can, I think they will eventually make me a little money.

I am NOT trying to get rich from my art but I am trying to help out with a few bills at my house. Let me be clear on this touchy subject, I DO my mosaics because I LOVE to make them. ( but in reality, we ALL want to make money off something we love to do right?) In the mass appeal of fast access internet, we strive to promote ourselves to the best of our knowledge. I am slowly learning how and where to go to promote myself. It is extremely hard and takes mass amounts of time to get it done. Sometimes I feel like that is all I do and my art gets put on the back burner, but promote we MUST do to get noticed.

I now have so many accounts going I have had to write all my info in a book to keep track of what goes where and passwords, info, etc. I am STILL adding to my lists.Today I added 2 more accounts and I am vlogging, blogging, tweeting, selling, auctioning, you name it I am trying to get out there. I have 2 myspace accounts, one online store domain I purchased, two stores I sell items in on Etsy, (well one of those is empty at this time), and I am trying to get a facebook going and a flickr account too. So eventually I should be an internet whiz upon completion. lol. It seems every week I learn of at least one more place I should be. Yes, I am keeping track and writing them all down. One day I will eventually get those accounts started too. To keep from being overwhelmed I must take it one step at a time and just go day by day. 

The hardest part for me is keeping the negativity at bay. My mind is a tricky and conniving thing. It likes to bring me down and tries to make me give up. I am striving to overcome this negative pattern I have fought my whole life to get over. The critic in me is strong and perfection is unattainable. I have tried to be the perfectionist and people pleaser my whole life. Slowly I am letting go and trying to live in peace and just do what my heart NEEDS and WANTS me to do. Make great art and have a GREAT time doing it.

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