Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Nice Commission Piece

I have gotten a nice commission piece to work on. They wanted a Fleur de lis, somehow done in a stained glass mosaic. So I have pretty much free rien of this piece. I know they love the Saints football team and that is their logo. Well, it is pretty much a symbol for the south as is the magnolia blossoms. I LOVE color so black and gold is pretty dang plain to me. I can't see just making a plain piece. So my plan is to make it as colorful as I can. After all, when the light shines through the more color the more sparkle, right? 

It is a surprise for the wife so I think I can get away with the colors. Of course, I will show the husband my sketches and see what he thinks. I drew up a couple of Fleur de lis' and used my colored pencils to color them in the way I want the colors to be. I think kind of like a rope twist or waves would be nice? Not sure which will look better, so I have about three proofs almost done. More choices then three and the clients usually get confused and start wanting to add more and more complicated things. I showed my husband my favorite and he said "WOW" that looks awesome. I am pleased. It takes a lot for him to show that much enthusiasm for art. lol. We shall see what happens. I will email the proofs tomorrow and I should have it completed by Friday so he can get it on sat. I am excited. 

It seems I punish myself by staying away far to long from my love. I feel so completed and at peace when I am making my glass art. I often feel it is such a pleasure either I don't deserve it or other things in life MUST come first. Only then, when those things are completed, am I allowed to PLAY. My heart is singing right now. Pure pleasure and fun is what this is for me. Oh, how I have missed it.

I have a kitten face where the mosaic part is completed but the frame, hooks and chain have Not been added yet. I must make myself do this so I can list it in my etsy store. It is small but cute. I also have several more ideas for some mosaics I will make soon and I will MAKE myself take time out to do. Here is what I have in mind. One of the Eiffel Tower, one of a log cabin on the lake, one with a lake, moose and canoe, and I have ALWAYS wanted to attempt to make one of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. It has ALWAYS been a favorite painting of mine. We will see.

I will try to list some pics on my blog as I work on them. Until next time! 

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